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Wingate - FAQ

I - How to add a new service

If you are running WinGate 3.x or later, with the WinGate Internet Client (WGIC) installed on your workstations, or have installed the ENS plugin with WinGate 4.0, configure your applications per your ISPís instructions. In most cases, this will be to simply leave the applications configured per default installation.

To add a new (eg SMTP) mapping service, complete the following steps:

1. Logon to GateKeeper with Administrative rights

2. In the right hand pane, right click the word Services

  • In version 3.0 and greater:
  • Click the Services Tab in the lower left of the Dialog Box
  • Right click in the open field and continue as follows:

3. Click New Service

4. Click TCP mapping

5. Change the service name to (eg SMTP) "New mapping"

6. Change the description to enables something (eg the sending of mail)

7. Accept connections on port xx (eg 25)

8. Put a check in the Enable default mapping to checkbox

9. In the server textbox enter the name or IP Address of the service (eg SMTP) server (eg your Internet Provider's Outgoing Mail Server NOT your WinGate server). Set the port to xx (eg 25 )

10. Click the bindings tab

11. Click the Specify interfaces connections will be accepted on radio button

12. Ensure that the IP addresses of and are both in the Bound que

13. Click OK

14. Click on the save changes icon

II - I've installed, everything is configured but ...

A - My prefered software/game isn't working any more.

Because I've not enough time and money (you can send me $ if you want :-), I have not tested every network software available, neither network games ! Some of them may be in trouble since Winroute is running (try to stop it, if the sftware is going on normally again, so you can think it's Conseal).

First of all try to check the deerfield FAQ :-)

I would be pleased to make necessary help to help you with the softwares you're using, so e-mail your remarks !

IV - None of this cases belongs to me...

You cane-mail with describing your problem, configuration and so on...