Firewall Net tests, installation & configuration - Guide to install and configure a PC FireWall
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Configure WinGate

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After installed WinGate, you can do the following.

The first step is to run the admin module. To do such, clic on the wingate icon in the systray : WIngate icon in Systray

If there is no onje , run "wingate engine" from Windows "Start" menu.

Then it will be required to authenticate as Admnistrator.

Wingate - login

The first password is blanked. So just clic on Ok and the Wingate window Dshould open. If not, there's already a password, or you have choosed to use the same as the system.

At the first login, the system will ask you to change the password. If you don't do this you will not have access to Wingate configuration options.

If you forgot to do this , go to menu Options -> change password of gatekeeper and the Change password window will prompt.

Wingate - new password

Old password will be blank, just fill New and confirm.

Once the modification done, stop gatekeeper and rerun it. You should authenticate once more with Administrator. This time the password is not blanked :-) . Then the options are shown :


You can now configure wingate from gatekeeper, if required. The default config should be ok for most of uses.

Go to "services" tabs to find the (default) configured port numbers for proxy functions.

Wingate - services

If you have problems see the FAQ !!!