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Short ZoneAlarm FAQ...

1. How to have my local network available on both (or more) of my computers ?

In fact the method is the same as the access for a VPN (see below the Zonelabs FAQ). YOu should add the address of your local computers usong the "Advanced" button using the "Security" tab, then you must put the "Local" security to "Low".

2. My system hangs (or shows a "BSOD") when starting since ZoneAlarm installation

This happens sometimes because Truevector, the security software of ZoneAlarm is run at the system boot, early before Windows starts. If you installed a tools that access the net (Internt) during this stepit my block your system either seeing it hanging (BSOD - "Blue Screen Of Death").

You might solve this problem by puting this software later in the system starts (Start Menu -> Programs -> Start).

ZoneLabs FAQ

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