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ZoneAlarm Firewall Installation

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This firewall is really easy to install and to use, it is dedicaced to common end-user, or beginners with firewalls.

A - Downloading ZoneAlarm

You can choose :

B - Installing the FireWall

B.1 - Needed pre-requisites (patch) before installing

This part only applies to Windows 95 (and Windows NT 4 Service Pack older than SP 3 ) :

It is necessary to have Winsock up to date, this means release 2.x. You can fo to site URL to make the appropriates things

B.2 - Installing the FireWall

Run zonealarm2xx.exe (the runnable installation of ZoneAlarm), answer to the usual questions.


C - Run the FireWall after the PC reboot

D - Everything seems Ok

URL Go to step 2 : Configuring a FireWall
If you can't manage this step URL read the FAQ.
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