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 Zonealarm (zonelabs) and file share
Author: christel (
Date:   01-30-01 07:43

without zonelabs i can see our shared pc's and files at the office, with
zonlabs installed, i can not.

any help?

christel :-))

 Re: Zonealarm (zonelabs) and file share
Author: Firewall.Net (
Date:   02-09-01 18:59

Hi !

I think you should just follow the explanations :

Extract from
> The "Local" zone allow you tho define a set of trusted computers or networks (this could be a local network - LAN - of a VPN for example). To create the list you'll add them using the "Advanced" button.

> This way you are now able to set a security level to this set. The "Low" level allow you to use Microsoft sharings (disks, printers).

> The "Internet" zone is set for the rest of the world, you should keep the "High" security level (except for specific cases).


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