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 Coseal PC Firewall and Proxys
Author: Firestarter (
Date:   11-11-00 15:47

Does anybody out there know how to set up Conseal with proxy server programs like a4 or multi proxy. I've tried everything but am having real problem getting it to work.

Maybe someone has a rule that works or can point me to a guide on how to do it.


 Re: Coseal PC Firewall and Proxys
Author: Firewall.Net (
Date:   02-05-01 01:52

It depends wich proxy ports you use .

In fact you will find configuration advice for Conseal on Firewall Net web site, in the network pages for Conseal.


 Re: Coseal PC Firewall and Proxys
Author: wayaunega (
Date:   05-05-01 21:50

here is something to look at... if your using a proxy you made still need to look at your applications that are goin throught those proxied ports. your rules maybe correct but if say your web browser is still going through default port (http=80) set to the proxied port (in most cases 1080 or 8080) also you can try setting priorties to the rule(s) for the proxy rules>device>"the rule in quetion">next(you should be on the filtering page)>rule priority/ rules with a lower number in conseal take precedence over rules with a higher number..

the other thing you cna try is to run in learning mode for about a week to what is actually being used. and you refine your rules off of that.

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