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 Freedom 2.01 bug report on Win 2000 SP1
Author: Firewall.Net (
Date:   03-28-01 20:43

Does any one experience this :

Just after running the install , I rebooted my 2000 box as required, and at the reboot after admin logon win2000 crash with a nice BSOD :
Adddress BC4D198D base of BC4C5000 Datestamp 3947F1BB - tcpip.sys


So I rebooted, start in Safe Mode uninstall Freedom, then rebooted. After all everything goes well.
As I am dummy I tried reinstall Freedom once again and rebooted (when asked). After logon Admin , once again it cause Win2k crash. And it crashes even if I reboot once more and logon once more (after chkdsk of my system disk :/).
So I went back in safe mode , uninstall freedom and sent a bug report : -)

If anyone has a tip , please help : -)


 Re: Freedom 2.01 bug report on Win 2000 SP1
Author: Firewall.Net (
Date:   03-31-01 16:50


Ok I solved this with the help of Zeroknowledge : this was due to total incompatibility with Conseal (yes I check all the products : -).

The tests results are now published.



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