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 ZoneAlarm and Sharp Hack Tracer
Author: Naresh (
Date:   02-11-01 11:07

Dear Sirs,
we have installed Zone Alarm on my system.
1.Will the installation of Hack Tacer -developed by Sharp Technology interfer with the Programs of Zone Alarm.
2.Are these two different.
3. Will the two firewalls created by both the softwares interfere with the working of each other.
OR is it safe to install both and run them simultaneously on the system.
We shall appreciate an earnest and quick reply.
warm regards
Naresh Taneja
AVN Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

 Re: ZoneAlarm and Sharp Hack Tracer
Author: Firewall.Net (
Date:   02-11-01 21:35

1/ The classical and usual question : are 2 firewalls usefull ?

* Hummm as a first remark why not using 3 or 10 firewalls on the same way ?... this is already a way of answering this question... : -)

* A firewall is a tool supposed to filter the Internet (IP) traffic out and in-going, depending on the rules you decided yourself.
- Let's suppose you've chosen one that is doing quite great this job, so why using a second (a third ?...) one ? unless spending your cpu, memory ressources and slowing down your internet connexions... there's no reason.

- If you suppose it's not doing a good job or not corresponding to your needs, I'll recommend you to uninstall and forgive it asap ! Use another product there's plenty of them and few a really good and really unexpansive !

2/ What about Sharp Firewall (Hack Tracer) ?
In fact there's about hundred of firewall softwares today, from 0$ to more than 10.000$ . I do not have that much money to spend, knowing that there's already really cheap (costless, even free ?) product that are really efficient and usefull for all common users.
Enterprises needs are another buisness and no web site will be good enough to give *the* good solution for enterprises needs. They should (if not crazy) afford the help of IT specialists (internal or external) to check and solve their needs.

3/ are they (ZA and Sharp) different ?

Yes !!!!!!!!!!!! For sure , like 2 different software might be different ! : -)


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