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 TGB::BOB a Firewall for PC
Auteur: Loredana (217.11.174.---)
Date:   28/04/2001 22:27

Hi Folks,

Recently I found out a new firewall for PC called BOB at

I like it too much bcz of its ease of use and its simplicity.
I would like to know if someone has already tried that software and how
secure and efficient is it ?

Thanx in advance

 Re: TGB::BOB a Firewall for PC
Auteur: Yves (
Date:   29/04/2001 08:03

Hi Loredana,

I haven't tried this piece of software yet, so I can't answer now. But your question is pretty worrisome: I dont find it very smart to use sofware that nobody tested before. And if Bob were a trojan ? There are snakes in the grass..

Is Bob a good or an evil guy ? Let's wait for feedback: the more we will get, the better.

Meanwhile, Let me give U a piece of advice: use firewall like Zone Alarm, Tiny Sofware,..., that have a reputation for being efficient and convenient.

And, If you wanna better your French: try Look'n'Stop!

Salutations distinguées. Yves

 Re: TGB::BOB a Firewall for PC
Auteur: Loredana (217.11.165.---)
Date:   29/04/2001 18:18


Thank you for ur advises even if I'm directely concerned with netwoks security.

I agree with you that we have to wait for wide feedback but let me tell u, that
if u don't test and use new products in all computer science fields means that
you are an old fashion ;-)

Anyway BOB is also in FRENCH !!!!!!!
I'm alreday familiar with many Firewall for PCs like Zone Alarm, Tiny software,
Conseal,Sphinx .... but when I tried TGB::BOB at I was really surprised !!! a good product and easy to use ... so why not tell the others about what I found ... maybe they like it !


 Re: TGB::BOB a Firewall for PC
Auteur: Yves (
Date:   30/04/2001 10:58

Hi Loredana,

My purpose was to stop you from using, as your standard firewall software, some stuff noboby knows. Clearly, you don't. No offence meant !

About testing, the question I often ask myself is : do I have to try every new stuff (I admit it's fun), or do I prefer focusing on cutting edge sofware, that bring the customer I am something new or better ?

Computer science and software industry are different. How many so-called "next generation firewall" are released per year ? And how many are more secure, more convenient to use, etc. ? fewer I guess...That's why I don't test new software without former feedback from professionals.

But I understand one can have a different viewpoint.

A+. Yves.

 Re: TGB::BOB a Firewall for PC
Auteur: Mrs_Loredana (
Date:   30/04/2001 11:13

Hi Yves,

NO OFFENCE MEANT when I posted my last message !
Thank u for saying that one can have a different viewpoint !

Anyway let's wait for feedback about BOB ! maybe u're right !

Thank u again.

 BOB, the archer with a green bow
Auteur: Yves (
Date:   30/04/2001 14:27

Hi Loredana,

I've just received a e-mail from a buddy of mine who has tested BOB . He lives in Paris, France, he cannot possibly know U, unless you're an au pair girl - but that would be Ms, not Mrs :-((

He used the following security sites:

About incoming bounds:
That's OK, all ports seems to be either "closed" or "stealth", the TCP/UDP/ICMP tests are good.

Of course, more sophisticated testing could reveal a weakness.

About outgoing bounds: bad news !
- You cannot define authorized protocols (TCP/UDP,..) nor authorized ports,
- the authorized applications are referred by their DOS name (Path + filename), no encrypted base is used, and consequently the firewall can be fooled by masquerading.

In addition to this:
- programs like anonymisers or cookie crushers stop working, It is simply as if you didn't run any,
- no real time alarm is generated (e.g.pop-up window),
- the alarm list is confusing: just one single type (flood) is reported, whatever the attack was.

In short:
I know I burst your bubble, but BOB is not the right guy to make U happy.

Il y a des jours, comme ça...


 Re: BOB, the archer with a green bow
Auteur: Loredana (
Date:   30/04/2001 17:20

Hi Yves,

I don't think I know that guy. If possible, can u send me his email address?
If u're interested then let me know ;-) I'm just kidding !

Glad to hear that u received a feedback about Bob. Now ur comments are welcome !

Here I provide deep information about Bob :

- Incoming and outgoing connection are COMPLETLY controled by BOB. Bob user is the only one who can decide to open a NEW PORT , NEW CONNECTION ... So incoming or outgoing connection is autorized ( or blocked ) according to user demand : BOB runs according to user choices and habitudes.

- Concerning referred applications. Starting from version 2.10 all application paths are signed and encrypted, so even malicious application are not authorized

- Concerning alarms : THEY ARE REALTIME, you friend MISSED the right pannel !!!! he has to click on the Alarm button and then he can see 3 windows :
Alarms : flood/scan ... , Historic : last conections and Activity : current activities and open connections. Bigger scan/flood detection algorithms are also included in Ver 2.10

Thank u for ur feedback and comments.

 Re: BOB, the archer with a green bow
Auteur: Yves (
Date:   01/05/2001 08:19

Bonjour Loredana,

The release my friend tested was 2.04 French (evaluation), the one you can download from; not 2.10.

Is 2.10 a new release, how to find it ?

A bientôt ! Yves.

 Re: BOB, the archer with a green bow
Auteur: Loredana (
Date:   02/05/2001 14:35

Hi Yves,

BOB version 2.10 is under heavy tests now. It will be available for
download by the end of this week or the begining of the next one.

So HOLD ON ;-)


 Re: BOB, the archer with a green bow
Auteur: Antoine (
Date:   03/05/2001 18:59

Hi Loredana,
I am also using TGB::BOB! and must admit that I was puzzled at first, because I couldn't find any of the usual configuration screens and endless tables to fill in.
Finally I decided to trust the beast and give it a try.
After about half a day it had self-configured itself and since then I only look up the alerts from time to time (mostly because some dude tried to scan me on my cable connection).
I also had a couple of DOS attacks, but TGB::BOB! kept them at bay ;-0
I'm quite happy with it so far and think I even might purchase it - do you know if I can buy it online somewhere ??

 Re: BOB, the archer with a green bow
Auteur: Loredana (
Date:   04/05/2001 16:36

Hi Antoine,

To purchase TGB::BOB go to :

- ( English version )
- ( French version )


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