Firewall Net tests, installation & configuration - Guide to install and configure a PC FireWall
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Configuration of ZoneAlarm

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After installing ZoneAlarm :

You can clic on the "Security" tab and choose the security level you want.

Zonealarm - Security Tab

The "Local" zone allow you tho define a set of trusted computers or networks (this could be a local network - LAN - of a VPN for example). To create the list you'll add them using the "Advanced" button.

Zonealarm - Advanced button

This way you are now able to set a security level to this set. The "Low" level allow you to use Microsoft sharings (disks, printers).

The "Internet" zone is set for the rest of the world, you should keep the "High" security level (except for specific cases).

ZoneAlarm is configured simply by learning what should be allowed or not step by step using you softwares and th Internet, there is no way to save your configuration nore to restore it (usefull when crashing the system).

Opening the "Programs" tab, you'll find the list of softwares using the network identified by ZoneAlarm.

Zonealarm - Programs tab

A green "V" means that you autorised the software to "talk" to the specified zone.

A red "X" means that you forbid the software to "talk" to the specified zone.

A blue "?" means you still didn't choose what to do 'accept or forbid).

The checkbox "Allow server" might be usefull to allow some softwares such as ICQ to work.


That's all folks with this part !

In the configuration part, please check for the automatic updatesand to load ZoneAlarm at startup.

Zonealarm - Configure tab


In the "Alerts" tab you'll find the list of what might be attemps to access your computeror the unsuccessfull attemps for outgoing traffic (unauthorized access or trojans).

Zonealarm - Configure Tab

There you know most of it !!!

If youhave problems, see the FAQ !!!