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I - I can't stand installing

under construction...

II - I've installed but...

A - It's not working well ?!!

Under construction....

B - Some still able to nuke me !

Under construction....

III - I've installed, everything is configured but ...

A - My prefered software/game isn't working any more.

Because I've not enough time and money (you can send me $ if you want :-), I have not tested every network software available, neither network games ! Some of them may be in trouble since atguard is running (try to stop it, if the sftware is going on normally again, so you can think it's atguard).

I would be pleased to make necessary to make compatible the firewall (and my security rules) with the softwares you're using, so e-mail-mail your remarks !

B - Some can nuke me or hack me !

Hummmmm, this all is not 100% infaillible, but this sould leave away most of nukers and young hackers. If you're convinced that's the case, e-mail-mail me, I will send you another security ruleset more smooth in order to solve difficult cases.

C - I can't manage starting the FireWall correctly.

Most of the cases show me that either the software licence was incorrect or badly installed. Please contact your local reseller !

Other case went up when a previous release was installed. In this case, it will be necessary to uninstall everything and re-do every steps of installation and configuration.

IV - None of this cases belongs to me...

You cane-mail-mail with describing your problem, configuration and so on...

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