Firewall Net tests, install & configure - Guide to install and configure a PC FireWall

Configure the WinRoute Firewall

" Download rules " Install " Activate


Having installed Winroute (at least release 4.x) is required then you can go further :

Complete ruleset :

Clic on the link below to download !!!!
Warning, this ruleset was recently improved and is now network capable.
winroute_full.reg, registry file describing ruleset and the Winroute configuration.


How intalling the security ruleset ?

1 - Stop Winroute

First close the 'Winroute Administration' module if it is active.

The stop the filtering module. In the 'systray' :

WInroute Engine is started
make a right clic on 'Winroute Engine' and choose "Stop Winroute Engine" in the menu, then the icon shows :
Winroute Engine is stopped

2 - Installing the rules

Double clic on the winroute_full_xxxx.reg you donwloaded.
The below message prompt :
The informations were saved in the registry

3 - Restart winroute

Restart the module 'Winroute Engine', by the menu "Start Winroute Engine" on the icon 'Winroute Engine' in the 'systray', which now shows :

Winroute Engine is Started

Then run Winroute Admin int he Start Menu -> Progams -> Winroute :
Menu Start -> Programs -> Winroute -> Winroute Administration

In the menu Settings -> Advanced -> Packet filter you should read something like :

WInroute Packet filter incoming
Winroute packet filter outgoing

The both tabs should look like the uppers.
If not, this might be a problem, feel free to send an e-mail.


How activating this security ruleset ?

Hence installed this ruleset is activated (if the module 'Winroute Engine' is up).


For Windows Me

You must use a release at least equal to 4.1 build 23 (this one is a beta release).


How to be warned of ruleset updates ?

Simply by joining th mailing list on the home page.

D - Everything seems ok

You can try the checking.


If you have problems read the FAQ.