Firewall Net tests, installation & configuration - Guide to install and configure a PC FireWall
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Configure Sygate 4

This firewall product tests results are : 12.45 / 20 !

After having installed sygate , you can do the following :

How to configure it ?

1. Run the sygate FireWall (through the start menu of Windows). Click on the tab to select the appropriate security level :


2. Click on the config button Applications and open the Applications window , you will see all the applications detected.

The ? means to ask if connection is allowed,
The V means that the application is allowed,
The X means that the application is forbidden to acces the network.

sygate 4

3. In the menu Tools Options select the options window , tab Network neighborhood and uncheck both the Allow to browse.. and Allow to share.. (for the network card / modem connected to the Internet) :

sygate 4

4. Click on the log button and open the log window :


Normaly it's finished, you'll find in the Log tab every connections attempts.

If you have problems, don't forget to send the copy of your log and a short description of your configuration in your e-mail.