- Guide to install & configure a PC FireWall


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NetBarrier is a firewall for Mac Users !!!!!

A - Download NetBarrier

You can choose:

  • either the official site of URL Intego (Netbarrier editor's),
  • with your usual local reseller.

B - Installing theFireWall

B.1 - Netbarrier requires the following steps for installation :

  • Locate and open the folder 'NetBarrier 1.5.1'.

  • The folder contains 3 files: 'NetBarrier Installer', 'NetBarrier Manual.pdf' and 'Read Me' as shown in Figure 1.

Locate and open ther Netbarrier folder

B.2 - Installing the FireWall

  • Double click the 'Read Me' file before installation to obtain the latest instructions.

  • Double click 'NetBarrier Installer' to start the installation process.

  • Click the 'Continue' tab in the MindVision Software Installer Dialog Box (Figure 2) or press the 'Enter' key to proceed with the installation.

Click the continue tab in the netbarrier software installer dialog box

A license agreement dialog box will appear next with four (4) options. The four options are 'Print...', 'Save As...', 'Decline' and 'Accept' as shown in Figure 3.

  1. 'Print...' will print the License Agreement

  2. 'Save As...' will save the License Agreement to a local or networked storage medium

  3. 'Decline' will reject the conditions of the license agreement and abort the installation

  4. 'Accept' will indicate you agree to the terms of the license agreement and continue with the installation

To continue with the installation, the 'Accept' button must be clicked (depressing the 'Enter' key in this dialog box will not continue the installation).

NetBarrier License agreement - Accept

The Installation box will be the next dialog box to appear as shown in Figure 4.

NetBarrier License agreement - Accept

The NetBarrier Installer contains four (4) options:

  1. Easy Install - This pull down menu alternates between Easy Install and Uninstall

  2. Switch Disk - This tab allows you to select the destination drive of the NetBarrier files (by default the disk with the active System folder is presented). It is not possible to select a destination folder for the installation.

  3. Quit - This tab will quit the installation

  4. Install - This tab will install NetBarrier

C - Restart the computer after the installation has completed to activate NetBarrier.

D - Everything seems Ok

URL Go to step 2 : Configuring a FireWall (available soon)
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