Firewall Net tests, installation & configuration - Guide to install and configure a PC FireWall
" Neowatch 2 " Configuration -->

Configure Neowatch 2 firewall

This firewall tests results are : 7.45 / 20 .

After having installed Neowatch 2 , you can do the following :

How to configure it ?

Few actions to configure it in fact :

At first startup Neowatch ask you to configure it, reply Yes :

Neowatch 2

Select the Tight (recommanded) security level and ICMP : "No - Ignore" :

Neowatch 2

In the General Tab select Log the Event", "Do not perform a background trace" (for performances) and "Keep quiet" (to prevent memory / CPU overload).

In the below window you can see events (if any) logged :

Neowatch 2

When having problems, you can select "High" which will disconnect you from the network :

Neowatch 2

In the options you can add trusted IP (select the Tab and press Add) specifying their IP address :

Neowatch 2