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List of all the security rulesets provided on this site

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Requirements for this page : having installed Conseal PC Firewall (release 2.x recommanded ), see step 1.


List of the complementary rulesets available

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Warning : some of the rules are already provided with the ruleset provided on this site.

Games Rules

Microsoft games For most of Micro$oft net games (AOE, AOK, etc..) ms_games_01
Other games For most of net games (Quake, Unreal Tournament, HalfLife...) most_of_games_02
Tetrinet To be a TetrisNet server tetrinet_server_01
NetRek To play Netrek netrek_01

Game net services Rules

MSN Gaming Zone Access to MSN Gaming Zone msn_ gaming_ zone_01
Pulsar GOA Access to GOA goa_pulsar_01
Kali Plugin Using plugin Kali (1 et 2) kali_plugin_01
Battle Net Connect to BattleNet ( * ) battlenet_01
Plugin Playlink Using plugin PlayLink tcp_playlink_01

Additionnal usefull Rules

ICQ Mirabilis udp_icq
Netmeeting NetMeeting v 2.x and 3.x udp_netmeeting
Heure NTP - Network Time Protocol udp_ntp
Local FTP server

FTPD - Local FTP server
(not provided with the rulesets).


LAN Rules

Net Star LAN See Help
Net GateWay Lan See Help

Additional LAN Rules

LAN Allow th private LAN 10.0.x.x lan_10
LAN Allow th private LAN 192.168.x.x lan_192

All rulesets of Firewall.Net

RuleSet To trace and log logging_only
RuleSet No rules so empty (usefull to create a new ruleset) no_rules
RuleSet Basic release base_061199901
RuleSet Complete release full_2006200002
RuleSet Complete release with log full_2006200002 _verbose
RuleSet LAN release full_net_1812199901
RuleSet LAN release subnet_1999121801

Listening any remarks about thoses rules, feel free to send me an email.


How to be warned of ruleset updates ?

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