Firewall Net tests, install & configure - Guide to install and configure a PC FireWall

STEP - 1 -
Installing the CONSEAL Firewall

" Download " 1- Installation " 2 - Configuration "


Once the installation is done don't forget to configure !!!!!


A - Downloading Conseal Pc FireWall 

You can choose :


B - Installing the FireWall 

B.1 - Un-Install all previous release before (if you had one)

  1. Un-install all previous release (using Windows standard interface to un-install software) !

  2. Remove all remaining files and directories (for instance the log file) in order to update everything ! The following directory should not appears any more :

    C:\Program Files\Signal9\Firewall

  3. Check that the windows registry had been correctly updated. To do such, run regedit.exe and check the key :

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Signal 9 Solutions\ConSeal PC FIREWALL]

Must not exist any more, or be empty. If not, suppress it manually before rebooting (if you don't know how cleaning the registry, stop NOW and directly reboot).



B.2 - Needed pre-requisites (patch) before installing

This part only applies to Windows 95 (and Windows NT 4 Service Pack older than SP 3 ) :

It is necessary to have Winsock up to date, this means release 2.x. You can go to link to make the appropriates things.


B.3 - Installing the FireWall

  1. Run cpf_xxxx.exe (the runnable installation of Conseal), answer to the usual questions.

    Conseal - Install - Press SETUP !!

  2. Choose the Cable/DSL mode as default rules ! In case you forgot, don't worry but your cable, ADSL connections may stop until you have installed the security ruleset provided on this web site (or correct yourself the problem , while desactivating the firewall).

Conseal Install - Select Cable-DSL initial setup

So..... it's done !


C - Run the FireWall when the PC boot or Internet connection 

If you want to be protected every time (moreover when using cable or ADSL), tou could have Conseal starts when windows starts.

C.1 - Releases 2.x

Since the 2.x release of Conseal, it's possible with the menu option : File -> Start automaticaly when windows start. That's enough.

Conseal - Select Windows autostart

In order not to be annoyed, also validate : Display -> Start in SysTray and Display -> Minimize to SysTray.

Conseal - Start Minimized to system tray

C.2 - Releases 1.x

For the older releases, do such explained :

Download conseal_autorun.reg and double-clic onto it to install it. That's all folks, at the next rebooting, Conseal will start automatically.

PS : For suspicious people, this file contains the following assertion (you can handle it manually) :

"Signal9Conseal"="C:\\Program Files\\Signal9\\FIREWALL\\frw.exe"

D - Everything seems Ok


Go to step 2 : Configuring a FireWall


If you have problems read the FAQ.