Firewall Net tests, install & configure - Guide to install and configure a PC FireWall



I - I've problems to install

A - I can't find this Conseal Firewall firewall

Take it easy! Just download this file (clic on this link and choosing "Save the attachment as...").


B - I understand anything with the installation !!! What should I do ?

So, if you proceed normally, you should have somewhere on your PC a file called CPFW.EXE or DEMO.EXE or CPF.EXE or CONSEALxx.ZIP dependng the case and the release, in the case of the ZIP file, thanks to un-zip it.

Simply run this software (cpf_demo.exe) that will run the auto-installof the FireWall software.

Then return to this point of the installation.


II - I have installed but...

A - It's not working ?!!

When the installation ended you have two choice, 2 (two) remaining steps to do :

  1. Organize the automatic start of the FireWall, to do such just follow the described method

  2. Add a security ruleset to really protect you (the file given with Conseal are definitly not enough).


B - Some still able to nuke me !

Without guessing what you have done, I am afraid what you may have done, maybe having a problem during installation ou adding the security ruleset.

Download the security ruleset : rule_full_ 2006200002 .fwr and re-do step by step since the configuration . And please check the last tip !

Either you may have forgottent to install the prerequisites patches. In that case please visit this link .


III - I've installed, everything is configured but ...

A - My prefered software/game isn't working any more.

Because I've not enough time and money (you can send me $ if you want :-), I have not tested every network software available, neither network games ! Some of them may be in trouble since Conseal is running (try to stop it, if the sftware is going on normally again, so you can think it's Conseal).

First of all try to check specific rules here.

Then try thue rule set, zip file, which will provides more lines in the log file which you'll send me ! : - )

I would be pleased to make necessary to make compatible the firewall (and my security rules) with the softwares you're using, so e-mail your remarks !


B - Some can nuke me or hack me !

Hummmmm, this all is not 100% infaillible, but this sould leave away most of nukers and young hackers. If you're convinced that's the case, e-mail me, I will send you another security ruleset more smooth in order to solve difficult cases.


C - I can't manage starting the FireWall correctly.

Most of the cases show me that either the software licence was incorrect or badly installed. Please contact your local reseller !

Other case went up when a previous release was installed. In this case, it will be necessary to uninstall everything and re-do every steps of installation and configuration.

The windows registry may be checked and should contain keys similar to those one there .

IV - None of this cases belongs to me...

You can e-mail with describing your problem, configuration and so on...