Firewall Net tests, install & configure - Guide to install and configure a PC FireWall

STEP - 2 -
Firewall Configuration

" Install " Download rules " Configure " Activation " For ADSL " For Windows 2000


Requirements for this page : having installed Conseal PC Firewall ( at least release 1.3x minimum, release 2.x recommanded ), see step 1.

Security rule set (full) :

Clic on the below link to download it !!!!, zip file.

Listening all remarks to improve these rules, usee-mail to send your remarks.


How to install this secruity rule set ?

1. Unzip the file in the Conseal installation directory, usually :

C:\Program Files\Signal9\FireWall

2. Run Conseal FireWall (through the Windows start menu)

Conseal - Windows Group Menu Conseal

3. In the Conseal File menu :

Conseal Menu File / Change RuleSet File...

File-> Change RuleSet File -> And choose rule_full_jjmmaavv.fwr,

Select the ruleset file : cablewanadooxxxxx.fwr

You should have the following messages (or near) when Conseal starts :

Conseal New ruleset File C:\Program Files\Signal9\FIREWALL\rule_full_....fwr

If you don't have these messages (slightly differents with Conseal release 2.x) : please check that you followed the previous steps, else there might be a problem, in that case, you can sen me a mail with the copy of your log and a short description of your configuration .


How to activate this security rule set ?

In the 'Rules' menu, check that you have :

Conseal - Rules Menu - Control - Firewall is UP

Conseal - Rules Menu - All Network Devices - Automatic Rule Learning = OFF


Using ADSL

When using a cable modem or DSL, a connection called PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) is used. There is special 'check' similar to a ping (an LCP echo request actually) that is done periodically (every 30 sec with my provider) that the firewall blocks.

To allow this traffic you must go to the Advanced tab and check the box to Allow Protocols other than IP, ARP etc. Doing the following should solve the problem you describe.

  1. in the main ConSeal window, click on the Rules menu

  2. click on the 'All Network Devices' tab

  3. click the ADVANCED button

  4. check the 'Allow Protocols other than IP, ARP and RARP' checkbox

If you are still unable to connect on your ADSL connection, try making the connection before you start up the ConSeal firewall....some users have reported that they must do this.


Case of Windows 2000

There is to date , some restrictions for Windows 2000 and which should be avoided in the next release. Conseal won't run with a modem (phone line)or if you use the ICS functionality (Internet Connection Sharing) of Windows 2000.


How to be warned of ruleset updates ?

Simply by joining th mailing list on the home page

D - Everything seems ok


You can try the checking.


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