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Adding a complementary
security rule

" Download the rules " Adding " Activating


Pre-required for this page : having installed Conseal PC Firewall ( at least 1.3x, 2.x recommended ) and a complete ruleset ( basic one, the full ones already contains thoses rules).


Avalaible complementary rules listing

Clic on this link to download the rule(sets) !!!!


How to import a complementary rule ?

  1. Un-Zip the complementary rule file as for example :: rule_udp_mots_of_games_01.fws into the directory :

    C:\Program Files\Signal9\FireWall

  2. Run Conseal via Windows Start menu.

  3. In the Conseal File menu :

Menu File / Change RuleSet File

File-> Import a Rule Subset -> And choose rule_udp_mots_of_games_01.fws,

Select the ruleset file : cablewanadooxxxxx.fwr

Then press the 'Open' button :

New Rule imported from c:\....

If you don't have similary messages like those :

Rule #xx imported
New rule imported from C:\Program Files\Signal9\FIREWALL\rule_quake.fws

There is probably a problem, in this case, you can send us an email including the full log file copy (cf below).

Don't forget to save the modified rules (Conseal will ask when necessary).


How to be aware of the rules updates ?

Simply validating " mailing list" in the home page .

If you have problems, see the FAQ !!