Firewall Net tests, installation & configuration - Guide to install and configure a PC FireWall
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Installation of AtGuard Firewall


Be aware, this web page was done to help people that have bought atguard and are blocked. Else please visit the comparative URL in order to choose the right one, atguard might be totally incompatible to your needs.

A - Download Atguard

You can choose:

  • either the official site of URL WRQsoftware (@tguard editor's),

  • visit the URL atguard website.

  • see your usual local reseller,

  • either directly here but you must follow the rules described on the URL WRQ WebSite.

B - Install theFireWall

B.1 - Required (patch) needed beforeinstallation

This part only applies to Windows 95 (and Windows NT 4 Service Pack older than SP 3 ) :

It is necessary to have Winsock up to date, this means release 2.x. You can fo to site URL (or the mirror) to make the appropriates things.

B.2 - Installing the FireWall

Run atgd322u.exe , answer to the usual questions.


C - Run the FireWall after the PC reboot

D - Everything seems Ok

URL Go to step 2 : Configuring a FireWall

If you have problems URL read the FAQ.