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After Atguard installation ( rel 3.22 ), you can do the following steps :

Security rule set (full) :

Clic on the below link to download it !!!!

Fichier atguard_full_171102.reg, reg file describing the full rules and atguard working.

This page still short because I recommand Conseal, which is more easy for private use.

Listening all remarks to improve these rules, usee-mail-mail to send your remarks.

How to install this security rule set ?

    1 - Stop atguard

    2 - Install the ruleset

    Double clic on the file atguard_full_xxxx.reg that you have downloaded.

    The following message pops up :

    "... rules have beeen added to ... registry"

    3 - Restart atguard

Creating rules bare hands

A) Use the AtGuard default rules which blocks most of what out of your local net

B) Go to interactive learning mode in order to create rules to allow your softwares (web, mail, news, etc.)

C) To forbid ping ; create a top rule, important because rules are treated in the order they appears by AtGuard , "block inbound icmp echo request" ; you could also create two other rules "block outbound icmp echo replies" and "block outbound icmp destination unreachable"

D) Create a bottom rule that will block all inbound and outbound trafic with Udp and Tcp protocols. THis leads to block everything you didn't allowed.

E) Test your security using the online servers.

E) Follow the AtGuard newsgroup (section firewall).

How to be warned of ruleset updates ?

Simply by joining th mailing list on the home page.

D - Everything seems ok

URL You can try the checking.
If you can't manage passing through this step URL read the FAQ.
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