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FAQ - @tGuard

How to use it with Windows Me ?

In fact you are not the only one to ask (see the forum), but... you can tru the following (see the homepage) :

Try this :

1. Run msconfig.exe (location: \Windows\System)
2. Go to the Static VxD tab and uncheck ndis.vdx (iamdrv will not be present on your screen. Don't worry about this)
3. Hit Apply then OK

atguard - system config

4. Restart computer. Hit Yes

atguard - system reboot

5. Run wag.exe (RAR SFX)
6.Copy unpacked files to your \Windows\System directory. Backup old files first !
7. Restart your computer !
8. Install AtGuard

atguard - install

9. Restart the computer...
10. Reinstall all protocols, network adapters and clients
11. Restart the computer
12. Make sure if ndis.vxd is check in Static VxD tab (msconfig.exe)!
13. If you have dial-up remove tcpip.sys from \Windows\System32\Drivers (Backup first!)
14. Restart the computer
15. Enjoy Atguard !

Another page about this topic here.

I have another problem...

You cane-mail-mail with describing your problem, configuration and so on...

In this case send me an e-mail-mail describing clearly your problem, your configuration , without forgetting to precise :

the system name, the system release number (exact), the firewall you use and release number, the software name , release that generate your problem and add your firewall log !

Due to huge email trafic , I will not answer to emails that forgot those mains elements.

Please, do not modify the email topic which is added when cliocking on the above link, it will help me reply as soon as possible and more efficiently.

By the way , please note that atguard is obsolete since novembre 1998, so do no hope I will support it at this time for something else but really known problems or questions. The best answer is : time to use another software !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!